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Thank you for being a part of DiscoverChefs.com. I am shutting down DiscoverChefs.com for the unforeseeable future. Your profile pages will be available for awhile longer if you used the url to promote yourself.

I kept the site running as a free place to market/express yourselves and as a side project that complimented FoodandDrinkJobs.com. For my friend, who coded the backend, it was a short project. This was why the site had no new features.

I was planning on making the site mobile-friendly. Unfortunately, my host upgraded the server's technology (updated php for all you techies). This requires recoding most of the website. I don't have a backend programmer to fix it. Hence, the shutdown.

DC Facebook continues, so come join us. You can also follow DC on twitter and connect via Linkedin.

FoodandDrinkJobs.com continues and is run mostly by my business partner. Follow FNDJ on twitter. 

Know a programmer that wants to reincarnate the next Discover Chefs? Want to collaborate on Food and Beverage Tech ideas? Need website or web app design services or strategy? Want to stay connected?
Come review my profile and connect with me via Linkedin

Eatup Drinkup,
David Mermelstein